Starting Your Own Business: Factors You Need to Consider

Just because it is a small business does not mean that you can start your operations right away. For it to be successful, you have to consider a lot of factors that are essential not only in starting your own small business but in its overall operations. No matter how much capital you have, if you fail to start and manage it right, your small business is more likely to fail. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider and evaluate to know if you’re ready to start your own business:

1. Your business idea
It does not mean you have to make or invent your own product. You can deliver, sell, or make use of an existing product or service or customize them to address the specific needs of your target market. Put your idea into writing along with an overview of how you want to operate your business.

2. Business plan
Don’t worry, this is far from the formal business plan you’re thinking of. It does not require hundreds of pages with lots of charts, tables, and graphics. Just make sure that your business plan contains your research of several important things related to your business, including the price of your product or service, variable and fixed cost of delivery (if necessary), and your target market.

Your plan should also contain an evaluation of your competitors. Find out how many, how strong, and where are they, and how will you vie. Also state in your plan all the things necessary to enter the market, such as government regulations you need to meet and necessary permits. It should also include contingency plans should you encounter problems not only when starting your own business but also when it’s already in full swing.

3. Budget
Your business plan should actually have a section that’s dedicated to financing. Determine the amount you can allot to your business. What are the things you have to pay for and how much your business start-up and operations costs should be? Find out if you need financial assistance such as bank loan or credit card purchases. You also have to consider the salary or allowances you need to support yourself or your family while starting your own small business.

4. Marketing plan
There are a lot of ways to advertise your business-some of them require a small budget while others can be done for free. Word-of-mouth referral is the best form of free advertising, so inform your family and friends about your business and make them your first customers. List down on your business plan all the marketing efforts and strategies you need to undertake. Take advantage of the Internet because it will give you a competitive advantage.

There is an old adage that says: failure to plan is a plan for failure. So before starting your own business, make sure that you have a detailed yet simple business plan. If you’re having a hard time creating your plan, ask help from someone who knows how to pull it off.

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7 Secret Confessions Of A Spray Tan Business Owner!

Have you ever thought of becoming a professional spray tanner but don’t know where to start? Use the following as a guide to get you off to a quick start.

1.Increase Your Knowledge And Expertise In The Spray Tanning Industry.
If you are just a beginner obviously you are going to need to increase your knowledge. Here are just a few questions you will need to know. What is spray tanning? How does the skin change colour? How long does the tan last? What are the Golden Rules to make sure the tan lasts as long as possible? What solution should you use? What type of machine should I purchase? What are the risks associated with tanning and what is the best technique to use. In my eBook I answer all these questions plus many more.

2.Determine What Type Of Spray Tanning Business You Want To Operate.
Determine if you will operate as a mobile spray tanner, a home business or a fixed beauty salon. You can also consider operating as a home based business that offers mobile tanning. This ensures you are covering many client’s needs and wants. There may be clients that don’t drive or have children and can’t leave the house. There are some things you need to consider for these types of businesses.

3. Understand The Correct Business Licenses And Business Registrations You Will Need.
Your business will require different types of licenses and registrations to run successfully and legally. This may take time to register your business and obtain all the correct licenses. Once it is all set up you won’t have to think about it ever again. Take your time and don’t rush this process. You don’t need a contractor or beauty license to operate a spray tanning business in most countries (please check your countries qualifications). You will need to decide on a business name and register the name with your local Department of Fair Trading. You will need to register an Business Number with the taxation office.

4. Develop A Business Plan To Start Your Road To Success.
The most crucial part of any successful business is the planning stage and must not be overlooked. A business plan will be your road map to how you expect to succeed and how you will measure your success. Take time developing a business plan and write it down and refer back to it. This is not a race, it’s a real business that you would like to profit from so take your time to plan your business. This is where small business go wrong. They don’t take the time to develop a written business plan. The business plan is also very important if you need to borrow money from a bank, it shows the profitability of a business prior to committing to invest, it will address any issues of the business, it includes clear guidelines for the operation of the business, it shows clear direction of the business and how to maintain focus!

5. How To Develop Exceptional Customer Service Skills And Gain Credibility So You Stand Head And Shoulders Above Your Competitors.
In spray tanning people are your business. Without people you wouldn’t have a business. Customer service is essential to a successful business and should be taken very seriously. When customers are unhappy with your products or service, the person they speak to can make the difference between a happy customer, and an ex-customer. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising as it is free. The spray tanning business relies heavily on word of mouth so developing exceptional customer service skills is paramount to your business!

6. Purchase The Right Equipment.
When starting your own spray tanning business it is so important to have the good quality equipment suitable to the type of business you want to operate. It is important to purchase your equipment off a legitimate supplier who offers a warranty or guarantee. Let’s investigate the different types of equipment you will need for your spray tanning business:

– Spray tan machine: There are a few different types of machines. Some are large which means you cannot easily use them for a mobile business. Other machines are light weight suitable for a mobile operator or home based business.

– Automatic Spray Machine: If you want to run a fixed spray tanning salon you will also need to consider whether you would offer automatic spray tanning booths for your clients.

– Pop Up Tent: You will definitely need a spray tan tent even if you are tanning from home, going mobile or tanning in a fixed salon. The pop up tent will stop the overspray of solution going everywhere and there will be less solution to clean up.

– Color/Solution: The solutions have come along way since the days when tanning would turn your skin orange. The solutions have advanced as there is more information and education about spray tanning. There is much more equipment to consider for example towels, spray tan remover, products to compliment tan, hair nets, g-strings, sticky feet, nose plugs, masks etc.

7. How To Advertise Your Business That Could Literally Make You Hundreds Of Profits. When starting a business, advertising and promoting is crucial to the success of your business. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive with a bit of work and creativity there are a number of ways you can advertise your business. Make sure you remember to budget for advertising and promoting in the business costs.

– Advertise A Grand Opening In The Local Paper With Special Offers To Good To Refuse.
– Create Your Own Flyers And Business Cards. (You can create free business cards at
– Design Your Own Business Website.
– Approach Local Modeling Agencies, Acting Schools And Casting Agents.
– Contact Your Local Photographers.
– Organise A Spray Tan Party.
– Advertise At Bridal Expos To Offer Spray Tanning Hens Parties Or Specials For The Bridal Party.

There are hundreds more ways to attract clients through advertising and most of it is FREE advertising you just have to get out there and approach other businesses and people. Find out more ways to advertise in my spray tanning eBook.

You don’t necessary need to go and pay thousands of dollars to learn how to spray tan at a private college. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get set up and start spray tanning. There are training manuals out there that will teach you everything you need to know and more.

Learning how to spray tan has been fun, inexpensive and easy to do. I love my new all over brown glow that I can have anytime I want without having to go to the salon. I can get my tan in the privacy of my own home!

If you are interested in learning how to spray tan then I highly recommend you check out the link below.