Why You Should Be Using the Facebook Advertising Strategy to Take Advantage of an Untapped Goldmine

Facebook is the most heavily trafficked website in America and with the addition of their advertising program online marketers have access to one of the last great untapped goldmines. More than 400 million people have their own accounts globally. Consider this Facebook advertising strategy article to explain how to take advantage of this massive social network.First, one of the best things about this Facebook advertising strategy is that your target market is ready and willing to be sold to. In creating their profile, users regularly update it with lists of their favorite shows, music, interests, hobbies, etc. With just a hint of imagination you can figure out how to take advantage of any of these and directly market to these people.The traffic is laser targeted in this way and you don’t have to worry about advertising or selling something to someone that they have no interest in or will ignore.In addition to interests, you get basic personal information about these people without having to build a relationship with them beforehand. Gender, education, work status, age, and even birthdays can be used to create interesting ads which highlight each of those components.That’s not to say that you can just throw an ad in front of their faces with the topic being a band that they like and expect them to buy from your online music store. The most important Facebook advertising strategy to take away is the necessity to build trust with your audience here. Keep in mind they’re not actively searching for these terms themselves and you’ve got to work with the feeling of an inherent difference between the scary ads from the traditional SERPs (think AdWords) and the user friendly trusted ads shown on their Facebook page.That’s just the surface of what to know about the best Facebook advertising strategy. It by no means ends with trust.You’ve got to best know how to monitor your ad performances and how to most effectively tweak them accordingly.